Make your own Chicken Feed in South Africa

Make your Own Chicken Feed with 3 Recipes

When farming with Chickens, the question that is probably asked the most is how to make your Own Chicken feed and reduce feeding cost. Today we will discuss how to make your own chicken feed for broilers and layers. Feeding your chickens can be very expensive and the main reason why farmers fail or go bankrupt. We have put together 3 recipes that works well, but not everyone can afford it so yes, there is a budget Chicken Feed Recipe included in this Article – Make your Own Chicken Feed with 3 Recipes

Breakdown of ingredients used to make Chicken Feed

When making your own chicken feed it is important to bag it and store it as you do not want to loose any nutritional value and moist. You do not need to crush your grains and chickens can eat whole corn (mielies), it is actually better as the corn pips does not loose oils and vitamins.

Chickens do spill when they eat, so feeding them whole grain feed will save you money as they will pick up the spills whereas a powdered feed will be lost. For smaller chicks you can crack the grains.

For layers grains are healthier and will produce better eggs with harder shells. You still need to get the balance right as they need calcium, vitamins, protein and calories.

When you buy chicken feed at the stores (generally 14% to 16%) you need to know that there is nothing wrong with that mix, but with you own mix you can increase the protein levels especially when it comes to broilers.

Not every chicken needs the same amount of calcium and too much can destroy their kidneys, Layers need more calcium to produce eggs.
You can introduce egg shelves back into their food mix, but be careful not to give big pieces as you will teach them how to eat eggs. Grinding the egg shelves into powder will be the best solution.

Wholewheat has about 14 to 16% protein and omega which will be a good value to our chicken recipe.
Oats only has 9% protein but is high in fiber and chickens need fiber. Lots of it.

Corn surprisingly enough, has very little nutrition value, it is mostly calories and you want to add a bigger percentage corn to your chicken feed in winter times to help fatten up broilers and keep them warm at nights.
Corn is good for broilers but keep it balanced for layers.
Flax seed is great to add but it’s hard to get and expensive, with lots of minerals and 25% protein I would suggest to add it to your chicken feed.

How to make your own Chicken Feed for Layers -  Make your Own Chicken Feed with 3 Recipes

Another good option is to add calf manna, a feed that has 25% protein, calcium and minerals, you don’t need a lot for your chickens. Calf Manna is expensive, you are not saving money with calf manna, but boosting your layers.

How to make Chicken Feed for Layers

  • 100 kg Wheat
  • 100 kg Oats
  • 100 kg Corn (Milieus)
  • 60 kg Soybeans
  • 10 kg of Calcium (make your own powdered calcium from egg shelves)

This is a very basic recipe and you will get the most eggs from your farming operation. It’s been tested and works well.

How to make Chicken Feed For Broilers

  • 100 kg Corn (Mielies)
  • 70 kg Soybeans
  • 10 kg Oats
  • 10 kg Crushed Luserne
  • 10 kg Bone or Fish meal
  • 5 kg Calcium
  • 7 kg Poultry Nutri Balancer – You can buy this at most Agricultural Shops.

A lot of people are against bone and fish meal so here is an alternative recipe for chicken feed.

How to make Basic Budget Broiler Feed

  • 100 kg Barley
  • 50 kg Wheat
  • 50 kg Corn (Mielies)

We have used this recipe many times and our chickens was ready to sell at around 75 days. (2.8 kg in weight – that is way to big, but we like selling BIG chickens.

Make your Own Chicken Feed with 3 Recipes in South Africa

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